Massey Ferguson 135 Quick Fixes

How to Bleed Massey Ferguson 135

Here are the steps in bleeding the Massey Ferguson 135:
● In a clockwise direction, twist the fuel petcock valve. This is situated beneath the fuel tank. This process will shut the supply of fuel going to the engine off.
● Prepare a pan below the filters in order to drain the fuel. Loosen the bleed screws thumb nuts beneath the housings of the filter, let the fuel drain to the pan.
● Open the petcock until the filter housings are filled. Using a back-and-forth motion, move the lever to the engine block until the fuel starts to leak out of the fuel filter housings.
● Loosen the screw for bleeding located below the fuel injector pump using a wrench on the engine block.
● Using a wrench, the bleed screw should be loosened. This is for the one that is located on the upper side of the fuel injector pump. The process is similar to that of the previous step for the upper part of the fuel injector pump.
● Do the same for the fuel line which is attached to the fuel injector to the closest cylinder towards the firewall. This can be done using a wrench. Afterward, turn over the engine using the starter. Tighten the line for the fuel injector once you see fuel starting to seep out.

How to Fix a 135 Massey Ferguson Tractor Steering Gear?

You should learn to troubleshoot and determine the simple methods to diagnose the problem. Below are some tips and ideas that could be helpful when facing a steering gear problem:

● Work with your rack. The steering system of the rack and pinion converts the left-right rudder to the left-right wheel motion to rotate the tractor. The steering line rotates the gear and the moment the gear rotates, the steering column is then attached to the gears, which directs to the shifting of the gear rack to right.
● The only way to fix the steering gear on your MF135 is to perform preventive maintenance. By doing so, you can potentially extend the lifespan of the rack.
● Also, immediately replace the power steering fluid to make sure that you acquire reliability and maximum performance.

There are a few ways to identify if the steering gear in MF135 is damaged. You will notice that there is too much noise, force, movement, or leakage. As soon as you notice any of these indications, you should be in a hurry to fix the steering gear concern.

How to Fix Charging on 135 Massey Ferguson?

Charging issues on your Massey Ferguson 135 can be very troublesome. But don’t worry, you are not yet doomed when you encounter this problem. It would be smart if you learn to troubleshoot some parts to isolate the cause of the problem. There could several parts involved here, so you should properly investigate. You’ll just have to learn from the following ideas:

● Hook up a cable straight from the positive terminal of the battery to the sense/charging terminal of the alternator. You should be able to notice charging at a maximum level, around 13.5 volts in minimum. Just make sure that you do not run it extremely as it could burn up your alternator as well as the battery.
● It is common for the terminal in the voltage regulator plug to deteriorate on those that do not create contact triggering them to not charge.
● If that approach will still not demonstrate charging, then it could mean that the alternator is damaged.
● However, if you notice that it charges, then it could be an indication that the problem is related to the wirings. Just remember though that this approach does not go with a generator.

How to Flush Power Steering Massey Ferguson 135

Doing power steering on your Massey Ferguson 135 is a process that can be done right in your garage in just a few hours. However, you may need to have a reliable set of hand tools along with a little know-how. The procedure involved in flushing power steering is a necessity if you notice that the power steering fluid already looks dark.

The condition of the power steering fluid on your Massey Ferguson can be checked by checking on the reservoir. Take the cap off and take a look inside. If you notice that the fluid already looks dark, or if you think that it is contaminated, it is time to flush power steering.

Remove all old fluid from the reservoir by pumping them. Next, refill using clean and new power steering fluid. Find a low-pressure line in your Massey Ferguson 135’s power steering system. These lines run starting from its steering gear or rack and up to the reservoir.

Disconnect the line and feed to a pan for draining the oil. Start the engine of your vehicle, allowing the power steering pump to remove the new fluid from the reservoir, pushing the old out of the disconnected low-pressure line. After finishing the process, the new fluid is now running on the low-pressure line. Turn the engine off, connect the line again, and add new fluid to the reservoir.

How to Free Stuck Clutch on Massey Ferguson 135

There are options that you can try if you need to free stuck clutch on your Massey Ferguson 135. Other owners have tried brake application with the clutch pedal depressed in the higher gear while the tractor is running down the road. Then, the housing cover of the bottom clutch is dropped, while giving the inner cavity a good amount of cold pressure washing while the engine is idle.

Others also recommend unplugging the two wires first out of the neutral safety switch and then connecting them so that the tractor can start in gear. If you choose to take this route, it is very important to make sure that you are in the seat before starting the engine when bypassing the neutral safety switch. A huge, open space is also needed. It is also recommended to utilize a box blade or a plow that can engage and put a load on the tractor. When reaching the open area, shut the engine off, and start it again at the highest gear. The clutch will then start after the box blade is move dropped all the way down while still holding down the clutch pedal.

How to Remove Lift Cylinder Piston on Massey Ferguson 135

Here are the steps in removing the lift cylinder piston on your Massey Ferguson 135.
● Detach the two set screws that are attached to the connecting rod, otherwise known as the dog bone, into the ram arm.
● Detach the connecting rod.
● Detach the piston. In order to do so, some Massey Ferguson 135 owners use compressed air that is applied on the standpipe. This is done without unnecessarily pressurizing the cylinder or since withdrawing the piston could be challenging.
● Check n the chamfer that is located on the cylinder, making sure that there are no burns or nicks.
● Attach the piston & rings using a piston ring compressor which is around the same height as the piston. Note that longer piston ring compressors may not fit right in between the cylinder and the tractor’s ram arm.

Some owners suggest taking your time in positioning the tractor right beneath the pulleys so that you can be positioned as close as possible to the cover center from side to side. The tractor may be rolled back or forth just to have the cover lifted up as straight as possible. This will make the removal of the lift cylinder piston easier for you.

How to Set Timing on 135 Massey Ferguson UK?

If you want to learn how to set timing on your 135 Massey Ferguson UK, here are some tips on how to do it:

● Begin by inspecting the static timing. Afterward, check it together with a timing light.
● When setting the static timing, take off the number one spark plug as well as the timing hole cover.
● Indicate the placement of the distributor cap tower through the wire heading to the number one spark plug, on the distributor’s side.
● Take off the distributor cap, dust cap, and rotor, then reinstall the rotor.
● Find someone who could help you in putting the tractor in reverse gear.
● Place your thumb on top of the number one spark plug hole and gradually jolt the tractor as you check for the markings of the timing to come out in the timing hole.
● Keep on jolting the tractor until such time that the “DC” or “O” mark shows, and you notice a compression on the thumb coming from the cylinder.
● If the rotor is only a degree from bounding with the mark you created for the number 1 tower, swivel the distributor and fasten the clamp.
● Mount the dust cover, distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug. You should notice the engine start. The moment the engine runs, the timing is already set with a timing light.

How to Split a Massey Ferguson 135?

Is splitting a Massey Ferguson 135 hard to do? Well, for someone who has not tried doing it, splitting the tractor can be very tedious. However, if you know how to do it, then you can carry out this task. But how do you split a Massey Ferguson 135? Here are some ideas on how to proceed with the task:

● You will have to take off the flywheel to access the seal. It would be a good idea if you place a floor jack beneath it and ask at least two people to help you remove it.
● After taking off the cover of the transmission shifter as well as the steering unit, you will have a good view of the entire gears.

Nevertheless, you do not have to split your tractor just to check into the transmission. Rather, you have plenty of parts and components to take off over the shifter to pull it out. You might consider keeping the entire rear end assembly along with the transmission so you can switch it out being a unit if issues occur. By doing so, you can make a clever act in resolving a concern.

How to Start a Massey Ferguson 135

Here are the steps in starting a Massey Ferguson 135 in warm weather:
(Gas Models)
1. Do a pre-starting inspection.
2. Make sure that the parking brake is properly locked.
3. Place the Dual Range Lever and the Gearshift Lever in “neutral” mode, depressing the clutch pedal.
4. Advance the hand throttle to ¼ or ½ open.
5. Pull the choke control in an outward direction at full distance.
6. Turn the switch for ignition starter to “ignition” position, and continue turning the switch into the start position.
7. When the engine starts, release the switch, and it will go back to the ignition position automatically.

(Diesel Models)
1. Do the same steps above from 1 to 3.
2. Push the fuel shut-off control knob.
3. Turn the switch for the starter going to the right, thus engaging the starter. When the engine starts, you can release the switch and it will return to the “Off” position automatically.
4. Avoid cranking the engine with the starter for over 30 seconds at a given time because this may result in an overheat of the starter. It may be best to wait for a few minutes to make sure that the starter has cooled down before starting the engine again.

Massey Ferguson 135 Hard to Start When Cold

If you notice that it has become difficult to start your Massey Ferguson 135 when cold, here are some things that you can do:
1. Use fuel that is fit for cold weather conditions and specifications. You may refer to the manual to see the chart for fuel specifications.
2. It is also best to use crankcase oil with the right viscosity in order to ensure operation during cold weather. In order to identify this, you can also refer to the manual to see the right lubricants for the job.
3. Make sure that the battery is charged fully so that the maximum speed for cranking can be achieved.
4. For diesel-only tractors, the heat that is produced by compression inside the diesel engine may not be enough for the ignition of the injected fuel. Thus, you may need to use a starting fluid adaptor which can be used as an accessory and support for the diesel engine.

When doing this process, it is recommended to use starting fluid cautiously and sparingly. Avoid smoking while using this fluid and due to the nature of the starting fluid, make sure to keep it out of children’s reach.