How To Remove Separator Clutch On 510 Massey Ferguson Combine

1. Disconnect the power from the combine.

2. Remove the front drive axle from the main frame of the combine.

3. Remove the drive plate from the rear of the axle, exposing the separator clutch mechanism.

4. Unbolt the four bolts holding the separator clutch mechanism to the axle and remove the mechanism.

5. Clean the area around the clutch, using a wire brush and solvent.

6. Take the bolts out of the separator clutch, and remove the clutch from the axle.

7. Inspect the clutch for any damage, wear, or other signs that it needs to be replaced.

8. Install the replacement clutch and bolts, making sure to use thread locking compound on the bolts.

9. Reinstall the drive plate.

10. Reconnect the power and test the combine to make sure the clutch is working correctly.