How To Remvoe The Gland On Massey Ferguson Loader

1. Locate the gland on the loader. It is usually located between the hydraulic lines or where the hydraulic lines attach to the loader.

2. Unscrew the gland from the loader by placing an open-end wrench on the gland and unscrewing it.

3. Remove any old O-rings or seals from the loader, as these may be interfering with the proper function of the loader.

4. Clean the area of the loader and the gland with a rag or cloth to remove any dirt, debris, or old sealant.

5. Apply a small amount of lubricant to the gland and the area of the loader where the gland was removed from.

6. Place a new O-ring or seal on the gland and press it down firmly to ensure a tight seal when the gland is re-installed.

7. Place the gland back into its original position on the loader and screw it in tightly with an open-end wrench.

8. Test the loader to make sure it is functioning properly with the new gland in place.