How To Replace Front Wheel Bearings Massey Ferguson 165

1. Begin by jacking up the tractor, place jack stands under the frame, and securely block the rear wheels.

2. Remove the front wheels from the hub.

3. Disconnect the brake cables from the spindles.

4. Next, remove the capscrews that hold the hub in place to the spindle.

5. Remove the hub, bearing races and the inner bearing.

6. You may want to use a bearing puller to loosen the bearings. Use safety glasses and be careful to not damage the seals.

7. Clean the hub and spindle.

8. Place the new bearings onto the hub, making sure they are seated properly.

9. Place the hub onto the spindle, positioning the bearing races and pre-greasing the bearings,

10. Reinstall the capscrews, tighten them, and then add the washers and nut.

11. Reattach the brake cables to the spindles.

12. Reinstall the front wheels and lower the tractor.

13. Inspect the bearings and make sure they are properly greased and functioning.