How To Replace Lift Cylinder Massey Ferguson 135

For this repair, you will need a new lift cylinder, a wrench set, and a hammer.

1. First, disconnect the hydraulic lines from the lift cylinder. Place a container under the connections to capture any hydraulic fluid that may leak out.

2. Remove the nuts that secure the lift arms to the lift cylinder using a wrench.

3. Carefully remove the lift cylinder from the tractor and set aside.

4. Carefully mount the new lift cylinder in the same manner as the old one. Secure the nuts on the lift arms with a wrench.

5. Reconnect the hydraulic lines and securely tighten the fittings.

6. Check for any leaks. If there are any, tighten the connections or replace the O-rings.

7. Fill the hydraulic tank with new hydraulic fluid.

8. Start the engine and test the lift cylinder to ensure it is working properly.

9. Once everything is working properly, you are finished with the repair.