Massey Ferguson 135 Review – Is This the Right Utility Tractor For You?

Massey Ferguson 135 is a utility tractor manufactured by Massey Ferguson from 1964 to 1975. It is one of the classic tractors built from MF’s Detroit, Michigan, USA plant. Many call the Massey Ferguson an antique tractor while some still use well-maintained 135s for farm work. The original price of a Massey Ferguson 135 released in 1975 is $4,385

MF 135 Specs

The following are Massey Ferguson 135 tractor specs that every tractor owner should know about

  • Engine 45.5 HP
  • Drawbar 33 HP
  • PTO 38 HP
  • Available in premium, economy, and industrial tractor models.
  • Available in Perkins diesel engine, Continental gasoline, and Perkins gasoline engine.
  • 4 x 2 2 wheel-drive chassis
  • Manual steering with optional power steering
  • Mechanical drum brakes
  • Available in 6, 8, and 12-speed transmissions
  • I rear lift type with 2,850-pound capacity

MF 135 Features

Massey Ferguson has designed the 135 as an all-around, easy-to-use, and straightforward tractor. It was the first of the MF 100 tractors and has succeeded the MF35. More than a hundred-thousand MF 135 tractors have been manufactured from 1964 to 1975 but despite this, it is still sought after today in antique tractor stores and second-hand farm equipment shops.

Production time

The MF 135 was manufactured for more than a decade. Some people mistake the MF 135 for the MF 35 but there are huge differences. The 135 is bulkier than the 35. During the first few MF 135 produced, the cab and the roll bar were not present, and eventually, these were added to allow farmers to use this tractor during harsh summers and freezing winters. A variant of the MF 135 is 2135, an industrial-type tractor that’s painted in yellow.

MF 135 variants

There are three variants of the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor. The first one is the MF 135 deluxe tractor, a premium model, the 135 special which is an economy model, and 2135 which is an industrial tractor.

The premium MF 135 and the deluxe MF 135 have a 45.5 HP engine, available in Perkins 2.5-liter, 3-cylinder diesel engines, Continental 2.4-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine, and a Perkins 2.25-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engines. Meanwhile, the 2135 industrial tractor was released from 1964 to 1968 with a 42 HP engine. It is available in Continental 2.2-liters 4-cylinder gasoline engine and Perkins 2.5-liter 3-cylinder diesel engine. Both the premium and deluxe MF 135 are agricultural tractors while 2135 is an industrial turf tractor model.

Engine power

The MF 135 has a Perkins AD3.152 diesel engine. This is a 3-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine with a 45.5 HP. Another version is the MF 135 tractor with a Continental Z-145 4-cylinder gasoline engine.  Another version is the MF 135 with a Perkins AG3.152 3-cylinder gasoline engine with 45.5 HP.

When an MF 135 is maxed out at around 15.1 mph, this is the highest gear which may reach up to 7.3 mph when placed in the highest reverse gear. This tractor has a standard gear system.

Mechanical components

The MF 135 has a 4 x 2, 2 wheel drive chassis. It has manual steering but it’s also available in power steering. You’ll find this very easy to use and safe to work with its mechanical drum brakes ready at all times. It is available in 6 speeds, 8 speeds, and a 12 speeds partial power shift variant.

The driver cab has an open operator design. You don’t need to climb high unlike other tractors because the seat is not too high to climb onto. The cab space is adequate even for a large rider with plenty of legroom and open arm space.

The controls are easy to work with the handles and levers just the right distance from the cab seat. The seat is not as comfortable but gets the job done. The back of the seat is small and is non-adjustable.

Hitch, PTO, attachments

The Massey Ferguson has a rear-type 3-point hitch with a 2,850-pound capacity. You can add different attachments at the front and at the back of this tractor making it a versatile and hardworking machine for different farm and homestead tasks.

You can use the following attachments for this tractor:

  • General purpose and multi-purpose bucket – a bucket is an all-around construction attachment for almost all types of tractors. A general-purpose bucket will help you remove dirt, trash, or trimmings from your farm. It can also lift items like livestock food, hay, wood, rocks, and all kinds of building materials. Most Massey Ferguson 135 tractors have this versatile attachment.
  • Root grappler – after cleaning up your land, it’s mostly hard to remove trimmings, thick bushes, and roots but when you have your MF 135 tractor with a root grappler, you can cut and remove almost anything. A root grappler can cut roots and thick bushes and can also pick up debris, rocks, and trash. A Massey Fergusson 135 can easily handle a root grappler which is why it’s one of the most popular attachments for this tractor.
  • Posthole digger – another attachment that can ease your farm tasks is the heavy-duty posthole digger. These attachments are available in different sizes from 4, 6, 9 to 12 inches in diameter. These augers fit well in an all-around tractor like a Massey Ferguson tractor.
  • Field cultivator – make farming tasks like cultivating, ripper, and tilling easier and faster with a good quality field cultivator attachment. You’ll find field cultivators in different sizes and shank numbers, from 5 to 19 shanks. A Massey Ferguson 135 can take the heaviest cultivators, some weighing more than 350 to 400 pounds.


These tires are great for all kinds of terrain which works for farming, everyday tasks. The tires sit on a 72-inch wheelbase. The rear wheels are larger with larger treads at 48 to 76 inches while the small front tires have 48 to 80 inches.

These are heavy-duty tires, ready to help you with all kinds of tasks. The large rear wheels are hardly covered by splash guards which means you may still encounter splashes as you ride over mud or water.

Massey Ferguson 135 tractor Pros and Cons

Take note of the following advantages and disadvantages of using the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor


  • The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is just the right size for any kind of work. It fits many attachments and can work with almost all kinds of projects with ease. It may be an antique tractor but it is still one of the best-sized tractors for the job.
  • The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is easy to maneuver with very simple cockpit controls, levers, and hydraulics. A driver with very little to no experience using a tractor will find the 135 maneuverable for any task at hand.
  • You’ll get ample power when you use the Massey Ferguson 135 with its 45.5 HP engine, 33 HP drawbar, and 38 HP PTO.
  • This tractor is also very reliable, ready to help you with various farm tasks. If you need something towed, you need your field cultivated and a post dug, you can use this tractor with compatible attachments anytime.
  • You can select from a diesel-powered engine or a gas-powered engine, which one will suit your needs.
  • If you decide to sell your Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, you can fetch a good price for it as it’s one of the most valuable antique tractors around
  • The cab is not as high as other tractors and thus, it’s easy to hop over and drive. The seat is fairly comfortable but could use a higher back and arms.


  • The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is a reliable, hard-working piece of equipment however, it’s hard to find replacement parts. It’s an antique tractor and thus, you’ll be better off finding replacement parts from second-hand shops.
  • A lot of attachments rely on a four-wheel-drive tractor but the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor is a two-wheel drive. However, there are still great tractor attachments you can choose from to match this tractor for almost all kinds of farm tasks.
  • The Massey Ferguson 135 has no power steering features as it’s one of MF’s older models. If you want power steering, newer or more updated MF tractors are for you.
  • There’s no cab roof and thus, you’ll be exposed to the elements as you drive around. Most users also find the cab uncomfortable with limited seat adjustments. If you’re too big or too small, the Massey Ferguson 135 tractor cab won’t be comfortable for you.


The Massey Ferguson 135 tractor has a lot to offer when it comes to durability, flexibility, power, and maneuverability. Despite its age, it is one of the most popular tractors from Massey Ferguson. It has also attracted many users young and old because of its antique charm and power. You can attach different attachments to the MF 135 tractor making it very efficient for all types of farm work. Although it’s not a 4-wheel drive and lacks power steering, this Massey Ferguson tractor could be the one you’re looking for.

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